Pennway Non Skid Clear Powder Coating

Pennway’s non­skid smooth clear powder coating can be applied directly onto metal or over a colored basecoat to confer a smooth, easily cleanable non­skid coating.


  • Non­skid effect ­ particularly when wet. Upto 2.5 times more friction than a standard powder coating..
  • Clear ­ can be used as a topcoat over colored basecoat.
  • Smooth ­ will not pick up dirt like a conventional non­skid gritty coating would.
  • Opaque basecoat so that special metal preparation is not necessary
  • Superb application properties ­ does not contain oversize particles to achieve a textured finish as other non­skid coatings.
  • Exterior durable polyester powder coating.

Typical Uses

  • Stair rails
  • Steps
  • Flooring